story of the dreamer

Author: Budiharja Kusuma // Category:
story of the dreamer

he always fall asleep, always
his eye closed, ignore
what that a period , what that time
for him
all is illusion, sure elapse

when woke up,
he fight against, screaming and crying
then return sleep in smiling

he too fear to open his eye
fear which seen not hope of him
fear sun flashy him
fear night fog stop his step
finishing him

last time I hear,
his sleep’s place scattered by flower
not be woke up, not dream again
together with them,
all dreamer
whose not ready to terminate all dream

no one from us cry
no one care
no one
‘cause us also them
all dreamer

we still dream
and, all these possible maybe also dream.

(08 september 2007)

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